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Hi! Thank you for stopping by my page! My name is Cathy Kaczmarczyk and I am the founder of alt-content. Alt-content is a full strategy digital marketing company helping small businesses build their online presence.

Our goal is to build social media platforms from the bottom up. It is important to build a strong foundation in order to create successful marketing strategies. Our number 1 priority is to turn your followers into real-life clients!

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There really aren’t enough words to describe Cathy and the incredible amount of knowledge this girl has. She is a social media superstar. I met Cathy a couple months ago and she offered to help me grow my influence and get my social media channels organized.

Her strategies and recommendations were so clever and actually WORKED. I was able to not only grow my following, but start engaging with my IDEAL clients and peers. She encouraged me to break out of my comfort zone and try new things that I NEVER would have tried on my own. I am so thankful for her help, inspiration, and now friendship. Thanks Cathy!! 💟

Sara Nagy // Graphic Designer

Sara Nagy Design

Cathy Kaczmarczyk is a rare find… talented, creative and fun to work with, plus she gets her clients brand, style and voice…down to the details. Funny thing is she started off as my client (I’m a Career Coach and Linkedin Strategist) she was teetering back and forth on finding a job that was fulfilling to starting her own thing. We are fortunate that she decided on the latter and started alt-content. She just created 2 stunning videos for me and when she posted them in my private group- she got a client that day! Thankfully, I kinda have an “in” with her, because she is going to be booked solid soon (save me some time!) I would highly recommend Cathy for your creative needs form Instagram Facebook and Awesome videos to WOW your clients!

Mary Fain Brandt // LinkedIn Strategist + Career Coach

The LinkedIn Bakery

I saw one of Cathy’s videos on a colleague of mine’s Facebook page and thought “I have to have one of those!” So I reached out and asked if she’d make me a video too. We set up a discovery call so she could learn about my company on a Thursday, and by Monday afternoon I had my final video waiting for me in my inbox!

I absolutely loved every aspect of the video she made for my company – she listened to what I was trying to say, and over-delivered in an extremely fast turn around that you just don’t see today. Her friendliness, expertise, responsiveness, attention to detail, and professional quality videos will make you use her services over and over! I know I will be using her video creation services again as well as referring my clients to her.

Alicia Shapiro // Social Media Agency

Aliro Marketing