First, take a look at the “Key” to make sure you know what is being referenced to!

  1. Username: Your username is important because people can search this name. This name can be edited, but has to be unique (no one else can already have it). I was lucky and able to secure my business name altcontent as my username.
    • I would highly recommend making this an easy thing to search… like your business name, name, or something people know you for. 
    • Tip – try to keep usernames consistent across different platforms
  2. Name: This is the second searchable piece of Instagram, so it is important you name coordinates with your username. I would recommend they are different to maximize. 
    • For example, I put my first name along with social media architect. 
    • If you put your first & last name in your username, a suggestion would be to use your business name of field of expertise in the “name” area.
  3. Bio: Your bio can be up to 150 characters so this leaves you room for your mini elevator pitch. This field is not searchable, but it is still important! This is where you want to tell your followers (or people that land on your page) exactly what you do along with your call to action. 
    • Tip – use emojis/icons to break up text and make it easy to read. 
    • Update frequently to what you are currently promoting
  4. Link: This should be your call to action. Where do you want people to go if they are interested in what you do? I currently have a “freebie” to get an email sign-up. It also leads to my website for more information.
    • Some businesses use linktree to add multiple links. This could be useful, but if you have strong marketing strategies, you will only want 1 (this will avoid confusion and should line up with your campaigns.)

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